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Omdia Universe Enterprise Service Management 2021 Report

Delivering support beyond just "break/fix"

While technical support and ticketing is an essential ESM and ITSM consideration, today’s platforms need to push beyond “reactive” and work to enhance and improve employee experience. With an increasing number of remote workers, that means considering low- and no-code solutions, automating manual processes, and integrating processes that free teams up for high-value work.

Omdia’s Enterprise Service Management 2021 report offers a comprehensive look at the ESM and ITSM landscape, including industry leaders and emerging trends. With this information in hand, you’ll be ready to choose the right solution for your business — one that services your organization now and in the future.

Prepare for the future of ESM with this comprehensive 2021 report

Omdia’s Enterprise Service Management 2021 report breaks down the latest trends in ESM, with an eye on the mass shift to remote work.

This deep-dive includes:

Omdia’s comprehensive analysis and vendor side-by-side will help you better understand the landscape today and tomorrow — and ensure you’re asking current and prospective vendors the hard-hitting questions.