Migrating Your OS Shouldn't Be Painful - 2 czerwca 2015

Regardless of what you're migrating from, an OS upgrade is inevitable. It's time to assess, migrate, and manage for the long-term -- without the pain. Windows 10 is almost here, which means an OS migration is in your future -- again. LANDESK Professional Services has migrated tens of thousands of devices to new operating systems, and we offer solutions that help ease migration headaches and provide a more seamless experience.

With options for centralized and user initiated upgrades, our methods offer the IT department incredible flexibility during the upgrade process. Watch this webinar covering how you can overcome migration challenges and alleviate concerns about application incompatibility and user disruption. You'll also learn the simplified processes of:

  • Preserving user data
  • Migrating encrypted devices
  • Restoring applications
  • Migrating local printers
  • Migrating remote sites with limited bandwidth
  • Migrating shared devices

Jerry Winkel | Services Business Development Director | Ivanti